Didgeridoo experience

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument made out of wood, usually. It consists of only a hollowed branch with a smaller hole for the mouth and a wider one at the end where the sound get out. So, it is only a pipe, a tube, a cylinder… and all the sounds are made only by the player, no chords or notes, well, the note is determined by the length and wide of the pipe. But every detail you can hear, is happening inside the player’s mouth and chest and belly, the didgeridoo is just the instrument that puts all that vibrations in harmony amplified by the tube, as a diapason vibrating continuously.

This instrument, being so simple, encourages you to go deep on yourself, there are no mastering techniques if you play it in an introspective way. It might take a while to learn the circular breathing to be able to play for lots of minutes and stay in a self-inducted state of meditation or trance, and just for the way you breathe, the way you focus on the sound from the inside and outside.

Playing that instrument let me understand (barely, but was a step) the breathing patterns and how they change “thing” in your body. The relaxation state also took me to learn how to use simple methods to relax myself on stressful situations and that, of course, we can translate it on rock climbing. Following the breath according to different situations, and relaxing my mind when I feel the anxiety rising.

That’s why I talk about this particular “hobby” as is one of my life pillar.

I create website, not very great but is a start where I try to share my didgeridoo knowledge to the Spanish speakers. Also, if you are interested, I give lessons, or we can have a fun time after the climb if you want when hiring your experience.