Sergi Herrero

Sergi PEN “The experience”

Specialized in multi-pitch routes around Montserrat and Barcelona area.
Let me guide you on a great experience. You will not remain indifferent.
Picking up from a hotel or airport, we will discover climbing crags, via ferrata,
nice places to eat local food and the best accommodations
depending on your choice.

Who I am and what I do

My name is Sergi, they call me Pendex. My work is to offer experiences, so… Welcome to pendexperience.

My three life pillars are so important that I made websites for each of them in order to show them to the world. You can go deep by clicking or stay in this one, which is my personal website.

My 3 main areas


Playing this beautiful instrument since I was 16 years old. Now I play outdoors, teach beginners and perform with great artists.


Tried to be a performer, but the stage makes me sweat a lot.
I’d rather keep on writing on my blog:


Since 2011 I’m working in the climbing area, mainly focused on trips and guides, but also formation and disabilities.

My Values

I tried to keep myself out of the capitalism wheel. As we all love to work to pay ourselves some happiness such as good rest, comfort, food. While the world is starving and fighting I feel its impossible to just keep going, I need to look up from time to time and remember myself that the world is pure, but human life is hostile.

My goals

As the world’s big offenders are the ones in the middle, I will try to entertain them with my music, my poetry, my climbing… Because maybe we are not enough to live without serving a big power, but wile we are having fun, no power could resist to join the movement we create. So, lets try to create a movement.

The change

But in 2014, some sad events turn my life a bit harder to bear, and the motivation to work with my passion, was blurred.
A fatidic accident with very good friend who passed away, let me shocked and depressed.
A few months later, my partner on a climbing project had another accident, leaving him with an amputee leg.

Climbing then turn into a therapeutic tool for me and my colleague (which he became para climbing champion eventually)
and I started to work punctually with functional diversities and separate for a while from the guiding job.

Somehow, the distance I created with climbing, gave me the perception of porpoise.
Since climbing wasn’t an easy-going activity any more, I had to really understand what was all about inside me, and where was I heading.

Would I be someone capable to help others?


Climbing, is an activity that connects with your raw nature, feeling, emotions, power and balance.

I love to help people to know themselves, finding magical places inside, through vibe and trust I can guide you when strong emotions overcome you, we’ll face them together.

Poetry helped me a lot as well to understand others minds, though abstract words, we can reach the abstract emotions that happens inside anybody. I can help to express yourself, the words are there for you to find them.